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Camp Chair

We predict that these chairs will be most appreciated just after the long walk on to the festival with all your stuff! Lets face it, come rain or shine it's always pretty good to sit down. For £5 you get one for the whole weekend and can treat it as your own. We have had to start charging for chairs because now that we have lots of them we spend quite some time fixing and cleaning them all!

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Storage Tent

A non cleaned Pop Up tent pitched next to your tents for storage.
Not for staying in. Not safe for Valuables.
You can only book one Storage Tent per group.

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Self Inflating Mat

This price is for the hire of a single Therm Rests for the duration of the event.
Therm rests are actually the choice of the experienced camper. Not the most popular at festivals because most who attend aren’t experienced campers! Even though they are thinner than air-beds some find them more comfortable!

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Sleeping Bag

It’s a clean and warm single sleeping bag! Generally about 90% of these are polyester and they come in different colours.

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Shower in a Bag

This kit includes special body wash and shampoo formulated so that you can wash and towel off in your tent! We hope it to put the end to the well renowned (but wasteful) festi wet wipe shower.

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Travel John/Peebol

The Peebol is a pocket size portable urinal that can be easily used by man or woman. We won't discribe exactly how, that's for you to figure out! The silica gel crystals in the bag soak up and mildly disinfect urine (but NOT number 2's!) There are 2 units in this pack.

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