Unique Solar Showers as Standard

Festivals are wonderful extravagant creative playful places, so much details goes in to the performance, the music, the lights, the decor, the bars, the stages etc etc etc... But here at Camplight we try to apply some of that creativity to the essential services as well. Accommodation being one of them, but on this page we are most concerned with keeping everyone clean, fresh and ready for the party! Our showers are a bit zany, totally healthy and certainly a break from the norm.

The Solar Power Shower Tower

In true Camplight nature the Solar Showers we have built are completely unique and off grid (apart from the water hook up). They run on Sunshine and water the fields while festival goers wash and clean them selves in the cubicles to the sound of our "showers" play list.
We supply special top of the range (EU certified) biodegradable soaps as standard. What is more, the structure that makes the Showers is 99% salvaged and reused stuff. Good, Clean, Green, Healthy, Fun!

The showers were originally designed to be the centre of the Camplight Campsite to give it at least one element of “Boutique”. So if you want Camplight at your event then the showers can be a easy affordable add on. However our capacity to do this depends upon the size of the Camplight Campsite.

The showers can of course also be hired for a one off fee where we will simply deliver, construct, run, maintain, deconstruct and take them away at the end.

Another alternative way we hire them is where we run the showers as our business on your site. This option comes with a smaller hire fee because we have the possibility to make some funds on site.

As great as they are, these shower tower does take a lot of man hours in the construction, running and take down. We are constantly working on better design solutions to make each and every aspect of this quicker, better and safer. It’s kind of an ongoing project and below are some of the features:

The Sink

solar shower sink bestival

Wash, Groom or Shave. Use our delicious Soaps and admire the View from the Shower deck.


festival crew mirror camplight

We have a number of mirrors in the shower so that your guests can use the space to get ready for a magic night out at your event.

4 Cubicals

solar shower sink bestival

Here is a picture of one of the Shabbly Chiq Cubicals. They have Hangers, Soap Dispensers, Water Saving Shower heads, Saloon Doors and of course some flowers for the fresh touch!

The Crew!

bestival crew shower

This is a picture of the Full crew at Camp Bestival 2015. 3 Construction Staff and 3 Shower Attendants.


And of course the wood burning stove to make sure there is hot water and a place to dry your wears!