Other Camplight Services

Planning an Event Wedding or Party in a Field? Apart from being able to pitch and run a Campsite for your guests... Below are some of the other services that Camplight can offer to help make your event a breeze.

1. Seating Delivered directly to your Event

We have lots of salvaged camp chairs in a store ready and waiting to be deployed all year round. If you have a concert, private party or any occasion where you will need to sit a number of people then camp chairs may be your best option. We have a trailer ready to go containing 225 camp chairs. We can deliver this to your event and pick it up for £450 plus fuel milage at £0.35/ mile from Somerset. We could do more as well - you just need to ask.

2. Offer Rubbish & Recycling Services to Campers

At Camplight we have designed, developed and manufactured the only campsite rubbish and recycling bin for campsites. It is lightweight, rain proof, easy to deploy and quick to service. When we run our campsite we try to make sure that every 2 tents have a bin between them. This means that all campers have a bin in close proximity and this means that they actually use them! The end result being; a campsite easy to clean up in a fraction of the time, which is exactly what they are designed for.

Now for the first time we are offering the campsite rubbish and recycling bins as a separate service for your event. We will bring a team, the bins and we will keep the camp site clean. Happy Tents, Happy Campers. If this sounds of use to you, or if you think you can use our patent pending design in any other way, all you need to do is give us a call or email with your requirements and we shall see what we can do. Keep it clean, keep it green, keep it Camplight.

3. Have Campsite Tent Mechanics help your Campers

If you got a tent problem, don't panic - just call a tent mechanic.

At Camplight we are developing the worlds first team of festival tent professionals. An off shoot of this is that we will have a number of people who can fix clean and restore almost any tent. There are always a couple of tent mechanics on hand at the Camplight camp site if you have Camplight at your event. But what we are offering here is the Tent Mechanics as a separate service. Scouring your campsites with calling cards looking for broken tents to be fixed...

Below are the current going rates to fix common tent ailments. Let the tent mechanics loose at your event and keep those tents in good shape.

Snapped Pole: £5 ----- Small Rip: £2.5 ----- Seam Seal: £5 ----- Zip Fix: £3

4. Up-cycle Caterers Tetrapac's with the Tetrashack

Is it a shack, a shed or just a shelter? Nobody knows, but it IS a use for discarded tetra-pac's that are used in their millions on event sites around the UK. This fact is proof that Tetrapacs are a brilliant way to package and transport liquids fit for human consumption, but sadly there has been no REAL thought put in to designing for the total life cycle of these products. Even as a multi billion worth company there has been no serious effort to think of end of life uses for these things. Popular consumerist western thinking is "it's in the bin, out of sight and out of my mind it ain't MY problem".

So with the Tetrashack the problem is no longer hidden, but in full view - as an up cycled solution! This installation in the public eye attempts to give these Discarded Tatra pac's a use beyond the bin line and well in to the future. As the sun shines, the rain pours down and the wind blows over about 5 years the tetra pacs on the tetrashack will biodegrade and be released in to the surrounding environment well below the critical limits that signify "pollution". At these low levels the environment can take care of it.

So let the Tetrashack come to YOUR event and see it organise tetra pac pick ups from your caterers and grow bigger and bigger turning the caterers waste in to a resource. Watch it grow and grow in to the Tetra Temple and one day maybe even in to an entire Tetra Town!